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NY, here I come!

NY, here I come! - Thelma Cox

When my husband said that he had to travel to meet one of clients, I was not really listening. The moment I heard New York, he got my full attention. Apparently one of his oldest clients had difficultiesprepare engagement plan New York and he asked for his help.

Without waiting for him to invite me to join him on this trip, I told him I was going with him. I had five days left of vacation for this year. I thought I could use two of them for this trip and keep the rest for Xmas.

It’s been almost ten years since I last visited New York. Thus, before he said anything, I packed my suitcase and got myself a ticket for the same flight as him. Seeing that I moved so fast, he asked me what determined me to get out of my comfort zone. By that, he was referring to my fear of flying. I don’t have a phobia, but I had a few rough landings that made chose travelling by car over flying for a few good years.

I replied shortly that it was time to change some things, get over some of my fears and enjoy life fully, without any restrictions. What was the point of being on a diet or staying away from airplanes, when I could have got killed while crossing the street? 

My answer made him smile. He gave me a hug and whispered on my ear that he was happy to have me travelling with him. He was the one who asked his mother to come over our place and stay here for a few days in our absence. The kids were old enough to stay by themselves and manage their own meals.

The reason he wanted her here was that her presence within the house would have prevented the kids from having a party or doing anything crazy. Having grandma’ around was keeping them in check. Plus I made me more relaxed to know that there was a grown-up present within the house. 

We have left the boys alone for two days during summer. That was the longest period of time, we allowed them to stay at home without parental supervision. But now, we were talking about four days in total. I was convinced that the boys would not have mind at all being left alone. Neither their college high school colleagues.


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