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No more Grey’s!

No more Grey’s! - Thelma Cox

I used to be a fan of Grey’s Anatomy TV series from its first episode in 2005. I have impatiently waited for each new series, enjoying the new plots and the cast. I watched ten of its series. What I loved the most was the friendship between Meredith and Cristina. They embodied the perfect definition of a best friend forever. And to be honest, the cast was smoldering. All the male doctors were hot, hot, and hot!

After watching this TV series, I started to diagnose my friends or family members whenever they would say that experienced a pain or an unusual symptom. Obviously, all my medical experience came from watching TV. Needless to add that they all got annoyed with me and told me to grow up.

Whenever I ended up in the hospital, (luckily that did not happens too often - only four times in the past eleven years) I constantly compared the interns, nurses, doctors with the characters in the show. I am aware how strange this must sound to you. Thus I feel the need to say that:” No, I am not mentally deranged!”

After the ninth season, I left my addiction behind. I felt like the show lost its focus. The characters were not consistent anymore with their previously depicted personality. Starting season 9, it became really cheesy. I mean for me. Others found it cheesy from its first or second season. Now, I heard the soap opera reached season twelve, and apparently will not stop here. I am surprise that they still have viewers.

One of the past weeks, I ran into one of my university colleagues. We met at the Sherbrooke liquor store, and we ended up having lunch together. During our conversation I learnt that she was working for a company doing park paving Edmonton. She had married a constructor, had two kids and expecting the third one in a few months.

That is when I teased her by asking what she was doing in a liquor store, since she was pregnant. Her pregnancy was not yet visible, she was only four months. She replied saying that the bottles of wine were for her husband.

While we were having lunch, she mentioned that she remembered how much I used to like the Grey’s Anatomy show. She asked me if I was still a follower. She added that she gave up on it after season four. I started to laugh and confessed that after season 10, I stopped watching it.


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