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Common Causes of Docking Injuries

Common Causes of Docking Injuries - Thelma Cox

Surprisingly, more injuries happen in the docking area during the loading and unloading process for trucks than ever do in the actual transport of the materials themselves. This happens for several reasons, but there are four common events that are most likely to occur within the docking area.

There are four common causes for docking problems that occur. The first of these is what is referred to as trailer creep, where the truck just slowly begins to separate itself from the dock due to a small grade or change in the angle between the dock itself and the remainder of the area where the truck is backed into. The second of these is one the truck unexpectedly leaves the docking area, which more often than people would think occurs because a person is unaware that loading and unloading is still occurring, thus they depart from the dock. This can lead to several different kinds of injuries, not only to people working on the dock to the truck driver him or herself.

Another common kind of event that happens at the loading dock is what is referred to his landing gear collapsed. When a truck is stopped for the day during the loading and unloading process, a landing gear is put in place to support the vehicle and keep it still. This device is frequently pushed up underneath the truck while it’s in motion, and then lowered as the vehicle is stopped during this process. However, there are instances where this gear can collapse under the constant shifting of weight or motion of the vehicle during the loading and unloading process. This can be quite catastrophic should it occur.

The last one of these is referred to as trailer unending. This is an instance where the truck moves to such an extent that it actually gets upon the loading dock, thus causing injury by people tripping or falling as they enter or leave the vehicle.

Any one of these can and will frequently occur in the docking area, making it necessary to have a truck restraint system in the dock area itself. The systems ensure that none of these four occurrences can take place by protecting the dock area and keeping the truck secure.

Vehicle restraint systems are a much needed device to have in any dock area. It is your obligation to protect your employees, the property of others, and your vehicles, and this can all be done by using this kind of system.


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